Inpatient Rehab in Hill Country, TX

Drug and alcohol addiction can put an incredible amount of strain on your work and personal life. When it comes to recovery, inpatient rehab for addiction can be very helpful. For some addicts, inpatient rehab in Hill Country is exactly what helps them turn their lives around.

While the thought of going to rehab might be scary, the fact is that many people have used the experience to better themselves. Struggling with addiction, especially if you've been doing it for years, is just no way to live.

When it's time to change your life, inpatient rehab in Hill Country can help. Use this guide to learn more about the process and how you can begin to get clean and sober again, even if you've been an addict for years.

What is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab for addiction is the type of rehab most people think of when they imagine the concept in general. When you enter an inpatient rehab center, you essentially move into a facility that's designed to help you beat your addiction and get well again.

When you first enter inpatient rehab for addiction, you'll get an evaluation from doctors and staffers who understand addiction. They'll work to develop a course of treatment, with your input, that should be effective.

During inpatient rehab, it is the job of the addict to focus exclusively on getting past their addiction. While you will obviously have help from medical staff and trained counselors, limiting outside influences so you can focus on getting well is one the main objectives of inpatient care.

Inpatient rehab in Hill Country isn't a magic bullet, but it has helped many addicts in the past. With the right facility and effort on your part, beating addiction is something that you can do.

How Long Does Inpatient Rehab Usually Last?

Discussing inpatient rehab for addiction in general terms is somewhat difficult. Every facility is different and every single addict that comes through the doors for an evaluation is different as well. However, there are a few common types of programs that you'll see when looking for an inpatient rehab center to help you with your addiction.

  • 30-day treatment plans. For some addicts, particularly those without a long history of drug or alcohol abuse, 30 days is enough to get treatment through an inpatient rehab center. Formal detox is typically not part of a 30-day plan, but some help alleviating initial withdrawal symptoms is common when you attend inpatient rehab in Hill Country.
  • 60-day treatment plans. For addicts with a longer history of drug or alcohol abuse, as well as individuals who have tried to quit before, longer plans are often recommended. 60-day treatment plans may involve detox for certain types of substance abuse, depending on the length and severity of your addiction.
  • 90-day treatment plans. For long-term addicts and people with a serious history of substance abuse, 90-day treatment plans are relatively common. This allows the addict more time to get their addiction under control before going back into the world. Drug detox in Hill Country is relatively common for a 90-day treatment plan.

These standard plans are common, but other options do exist. Many facilities that offer inpatient rehab for addiction might have a 45-day plan, for example. Consult a facility you can trust and get an evaluation as soon as possible.

What are the Benefits of Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab in Hill Country has many benefits for addicts. Some of the most important benefits of going through inpatient rehab include:

  • Access to medication and trained medical staff when you first come off drugs.
  • Help developing a plan for quitting drugs and staying sober in the future.
  • Access to outpatient care when you leave rehab.
  • Optional enrollment in therapy and ongoing treatment programs in Hill Country like 12-step programs, group counseling and more.

Why Should I Enter an Inpatient Rehab Center?

Going through inpatient rehab can be scary. Whether you're looking at 30, 60 or 90-day plans, the amount of time you spend in rehab is nothing compared to the quality of life you'll have when you're clean and sober again.

The longer you wait, the harder it will be. Seek inpatient rehab for addiction today if you have a problem that you need help with. Call us now for help (877) 804-1531.

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